Halloween goofs

I felt like the Worst Mommy in America today. My middle child Annabeth is in Pre-K five mornings a week. Today, October 30, was apparently dress-in-your-Halloween-costume day in her class. Not, October 31, mind you, but October 30. But, I forgot to send her in costume. There she was among cowboys, pirates, princesses, and she was just in jeans and a pink t-shirt. She handled it surprisingly well---didn't cry and didn't even get mad at me. I, however, felt horrible about the situation and beat myself up enough for both of us.

I made it up to her by taking her out to lunch.

Tomorrow is the big day. We have been invited to a Halloween get together with "freaky fixins', creepy chili, and spider cider" before trick-or-treating with some of our neighborhood friends. Nathaniel is going as a police officer (an improvement over the Grim Reaper costume of last year), Annabeth is a spider lady in a long black dress with spiders in her hair (I know, kinda creepy, but I guess that's the idea), and Julia is wearing a pumpkin t-shirt. She has a cute ladybug costume, but she's actually afraid of it. But, she's 17 months, what are you gonna do? So, she'll still be cute and comfy in her lame-o pumpkin t-shirt.