Date night

Well, date night didn't turn out exactly as I'd planned, but it was still pretty good. It started with Chris leaving work early to drive me to the walk-in clinic. I have fluid behind my right ear (explains why I keep hearing "whooooooo" in that ear) and was experiencing dizziness to the point I wasn't comfortable driving. So he and the kids drove me to the docs, dropped me off, and ran back home to meet the babysitter. Then he picked me up and we headed out to dinner (Outback---niiiiice) and shopping for him some jeans that don't make his butt look nonexistent and that are a little more, shall we say.... modern. I made him try on 10 different pairs (welcome to MY world!) before we settled on two.

Then we made a run through Toys-R-Us for Christmas ideas. We got Annabeth's birthday presents, as well.

All in all a successful night. I'm ready for my Nyquil now.


Chris said…
Nice comment about my butt!