An Army of One

Well, apparently Army guy Mike is training an army of one in the Intermediate 5K to 10K program: me. I cannot believe more people did not take advantage of this program. Eight was the max, but I was the only one who signed up. The Couch to 5K program had 3 ladies, all with babies in the 7 to 8 month old range, come for their meeting. Our training will coincide, so at least I'll feel like a part of a group. Sort of.

When we arrived bright and early, we all got our packets, introduced ourselves, and did group stretching. I learned some new moves and the fact that I was not doing nearly enough stretching, which could explain my knee and ankle pain with longer distances. Then, the 5K group went for a 1-mile run, while Mike and I ran 3.

It is weird running with someone. I'm usually a solo, MP3 player blaring, in-my-own-little-world runner. We actually talked during the run. (I was proud to not be gasping for breath. I'm finally past that part, I think.) As it turned out, I'm friends with his wife, we go to the same church, and know many of the same people. He said I was running faster than he'd expected. I have good form. (Yea!) I have been actually emulating the other gals I see in the races, so I do kind of know what to do with my arms, etc. Until I get tired. Then my "good form" goes out the window. Mike made me stop at 3 miles because of the ankle/knee pain of past weeks, even though I was feeling great. I felt like I could have easily done one or two more miles. That's the problem with having a trainer. You have to actually listen to them.

So, anyway, when I was chatting with him and his wife at church today, he said, "Do you want to do the half-marathon in April?" I was kinda floored. Yesterday, pre-run, we talked about that and he said I could probably do one in the fall. But after seeing me run and that I've established a pretty good base, he said he thinks I can be ready by April. We're going to start slowly, still do the 10K on February 1st, but see if I can up the mileage relatively painlessly and do 13.1 in mid-April. I'm pretty excited. Not totally convinced it will happen, but pretty excited.