Best. Chicken Pox. Ever.

My dear daughter is well on her way to recovery. If one must have the chicken pox, these are the ones to get. She had less than 20 bumps. They didn't itch at all. She felt fine mostly (except for the nasty ear infection she had in one ear two days ago). They are already scabbed over, except for one or two. I think she can return to school next week.

I'm pretty positive she got the chicken pox from the vaccine booster she had in November, which is good news for all those people we were around over the weekend and at Pre-K on Monday! According to :

Three to five percent of immunized children develop a mild and noncontagious form of chickenpox, consisting of a low-grade fever and a few spots. While most of these rashes occur within two weeks after the injection, these blister-like spots can occur any time between five to 26 days after the immunization.

So, perhaps I kept her home all week for nothing. It has been kind of fun, though. We've stayed in pj's most of the day, watched a lot of tv, played board games. It felt kind of vacation-y. With her starting full-day kindergarten next year, I know these days home together are numbered.

On the running front--- I FINALLY got to the gym last night and did some speedwork. I actually missed one training run this week, but it couldn't be helped. Maybe I can count my extra run from last week for the one I missed! I'm ready for the race tomorrow. Just hoping the weather cooperates. I ran at 6.8 on the treadmill (an 8:45 pace) for three minutes for the first time last night and didn't have heart failure. So, I know I'm at least a little faster.