I'm not listening.....

to my trainer very well. I didn't do a single workout this week the way he told me to. I was supposed to run 40 minutes on Monday, but I ran 45. I was supposed to do 22 minutes of interval speedwork on Wednesday, but I did 28. I ran two "bonus" miles on Thursday which weren't in my training plan at all. (And I NEVER run two days in a row.) I guess it's the overachiever in me. In this case, it's probably not smart since he really knows what he's talking about. But, his workouts just seemed too light. I did follow his stretching plan and am thrilled to say my ankle pain is gone and my knee is better. I've been running pain-free all week. Of course, my longest distance was only 4 miles and I am running in new shoes, so maybe all of those things are working together.

I'm in maintenance mode weight-wise. I just want to hold steady through the holidays. Easier said than done!


run4mylife said…
Hi there! I just noticed that you had commented on my blog! I am so glad that you did. Might I just say that after I posted my exercise goals... I didn't do them. I won't even bother with my excuses. I have this weird fear of starting b/c if I start then I think I have to turn into this super crazy exercise all the time type girl. I know that probably sounds weird. But, just knowing that you actually dropped by and saw my goal.. I want to do it now. I will have to give up the chocolate... that will be hard. So, I have two more weeks and one day left of my challenge... let's see how I do.

Oh, and I was going to tell you ... I have done two 5K's in my life... mostly for motivation. I would love to do one again some day. But, I had to walk in both of the ones in the past. So, I want to be totally prepared for the next one! I might schedule one in the spring... not in the winter. I will look into it. I used to love the thrill of running. Maybe it's time to whip out the couch to 5K program again.

Thanks again for the post and the motivation!!