Personal Record

Despite my disappointment in Saturday's race performance, I actually did get a Personal Record (PR). My time was 31:09, four seconds better than my October 5K. It was a 10:03 pace, so I'm still shooting for a 9-minute pace one of these days. Another runner who beat me came in at 9:25/mile average pace, and I was in front of her for the first mile, so I was doing pretty well at the point. Then I apparently got really, really slow in miles 2 and 3. Or she got really fast.

I got back on the horse, so to speak, today with a 40-minute run and it felt pretty good. The last 1/4 mile was at an 8-minute pace if I timed correctly. So, to refer to yesterday's post, "I had it in me today."

I also got some spiffy new running tights today at the running store. I never thought I'd wear them, but when I tried them on, they were so cozy, I had to buy them. Form-fitting, keeping cold air out = good purchase. I'll try them out on Wednesday at the group training run. (The group keeps growing and growing with three or four new people since week 1.)

A veteran runner gave me some insight into Saturday's wall I hit early in the race. I hadn't fueled properly in all likelihood. I had a small bowl of Special K two and a half hours before the race. Then nothing but water until the race. Apparently, a half-hour or hour before race time, I should have had more carbs. That would have helped.


katieo said…
Oh the running tights!
I've wanted to get some but am still too scared, lol!
Maybe I'll try them on...

Good job on the PR!
Mommy Donna said…
Yes, Katie, I was afraid to even try them on! But they weren't so bad when I got them on. Some people put a cute little running skirt over them.
I ran in them yesterday and they were fine. Not a critical piece of equipment though.