The Need to Race

I think I'm going to do the Resolution Run, Walk, or Roll 5K in Nashville on New Year's Day. It's for a really good cause---benefitting the United Cerebral Palsy organization. I don't have a race in January and I believe that the races are truly what keep me motivated. I can measure my distance and time on my own, but having it calculated on a race course is WAY more motivating for me. Plus, it's just fun to be with a whole bunch of other runners, and in this case, wheelchair racers. Over 800 attended last year, so this will probably be the biggest race I've participated in. I'm sure I'll be thanking God the whole way for my legs that allow me to run.

The best part is my hubby is running with me! This will be his first race. And since he doesn't actually run, I'm thrilled he agreed to share this with me. Can't wait!

UPDATE: It didn't happen. My mom couldn't come keep the kids, so Chris and I will have to race another day. But, with my new Garmin watch, every run feels like a race.