A Pox on You!

See this beautiful face? Well, It doesn't exactly look like this right now. Yesterday, she came down with chicken pox. It's a mild case so far (she got the vaccine at age 1). The strange thing is on November 30, she got a chicken pox vaccine booster. Coincidence? I wonder.

So, going to the gym is out. Preschool is out. Running alone with my tunes is out. Life is officially on hold while I take care of my girl.

I'm going to try to get some runs in at 6:15 a.m. before my husband leaves for work or go to the YMCA at night. I hate the treadmill, but the indoor track isn't too bad. I have a 5K on Saturday and my goal is to come in at 9:59 per mile or less. I hope I can find a way to do my two training runs left to do this week.

Mostly I hope I don't wind up with three kids with the pox! Of course, now might be good----they'll be well by Christmas. And from what I understand, it's highly contagious. Since the kids have been constantly around one another---playing, sharing meals, sleeping in the same room, brushing teeth together---it's almost a definite the pox will make their way through this house between now and Christmas. Thank goodness my shopping is completely done!