Something for me

A new friend asked me the other day, "Donna, what are your hobbies?" Six months ago, I wouldn't have had ANYTHING to answer. My children can't really count as a "hobby." Being married to a great guy, while fulfilling, doesn't meet the criteria of "hobby." I love my church, but I like to think that God is bigger than a "hobby." I went through a period where I not only had no hobbies, I felt like I had no identity other than "Nathaniel, Annabeth, and Julia's mom" and "Chris's wife."

Now, I have something for ME. Running is one thing I do for myself. My friend Mandy feels the same way about tennis. Other friends feel that way about scrapbooking. Or shopping. Whatever it is, we need these outlets. When you first become a mom, especially a stay-at-home mom, you put your life on hold. You put your old self aside. There is a "fantasy" that your children and your husband will be all you need. But the reality is we have to find ways to not lose our individuality. We have to develop interests outside the home. It makes us better women and better mothers. I read a quote once that said of mothering, "I feel about 99% mother and 1% me." Well, running makes me least 35% me. :-)

So, I answered, "I've just taken up running." Really, I should have said my hobbies are running, blogging, blogging about running, reading blogs about running, reading articles and books about running, talking with friends about running.......... I might be a little obsessed!

Oh, on a different note, this morning I ran in 33-degree weather with a wind chill of 22, and it wasn't that bad. Just sayin'.


katieo said…
What a GREAT post Donna! It's so true. One of the reasons I love blogging is because it barely involves the kids. Since the rest of my life is ALL about the kids, it's really great to have something that's just for *me.*
(And cute kids and cute new profile pic!)
Mandy said…
I can't believe I was mentioned in your blog. I'm flattered. Love the topic. You hear it all the time. . . have to give yourself the oxygen on the airplane first, etc. But, it's a lot harder to implement.
tammy said…
Hey Donna just trying to see if I can do this..Chris is helping me..Love you Tammy
Mommy Donna said…
Katie, Mandy, and Tammy---thanks for the comments! They let me know I'm not just talking to myself!