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Merry Christmas to All!

Caroling and a Crisis!

Is This Too Ninja?

Going for 600?

Speedwork is Stinkin' Hard!

Half-Marathon Training Has Begun. Again.

Mommy First, Runner Second

Holiday Challenge Weigh In Today!

Fitting In Some Miles

Would You Do a Reality TV Show?

A Little Inspiration for Your Holidays

My Marathon Month!

Out of Pocket for a While...

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Not THAT Hard Core

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Running Vs. Racing and a 10K PR!

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"Are You Gonna Win This Time, Momma?"

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Race Week

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Rave Run

Caffeine and the Buddy System

How I Feel Sometimes....

Life Intervenes

Bursting with Pride!

A Beautiful Run of 13.1 Miles

Tempo, Where Did You Go?

8 + 3 = 11?

Actual Running and TMI

The Back-to-School Curse

Not That Into You

Not a Runner Today

Running, Reunion, and Recovery

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