Adult Onset Athlete

This is one sporty girl, wouldn't you say? Tough as nails. I have no idea how I birthed her. I've never been what you'd call sporty. Until recently. I think I'm an adult onset athlete.

Since I started running my perception of many things has changed. A few examples of thoughts I've had that surprised me:

1. This morning as I was gearing up for my run, I checked the temperature. It was 28 degrees, and I found myself thinking, "But it's a warm 28." Isn't "warm 28" some kind of oxymoron unless you live in Antarctica? But, the sun was shining, there wasn't much wind, so it was better than, say, 28 degrees, sleeting, with a windchill of 13.

2. My knee started to hurt on one or two hills. I thought, "It hurts some, but I'll just run through it." Who is this person inhabiting my body?

3. Deciding how far to go, I caught myself thinking, "I'll just do an easy 3 or 4 miles." When did that happen? I remember hurting through the Jingle Bell Jog 5K, um, just last month!

4. I'm a little sore from my long run on Monday, then strengthening exercises from yesterday. But I think I like it.

On to Good Eats: Today, I had three baby carrots with my turkey and provolone sandwich on whole wheat. That should count for something. And I think I discovered a cure for my weekly Mexican food habit! I bought guacamole at the grocery store and have been munching on it with Baked Tostitos. It satisfies the craving without sending my fat grams and cholesterol through the roof.


katieo said…
Isn't "warm 28" some kind of oxymoron unless you live in Antarctica?

LOL! What a funny post- I love it: Adult onset athlete! And that is an adorable little soccer player. :)
MommyDonna said…
Hey, Katie. I don't know if any of your little guys play sports, but four-year-old soccer is HILARIOUS!