Dress Hoodies and Other SAHM Fashion Tips

Every now and then I consider my wardrobe. Then, I cringe. As a newly jockish SAHM, my every day pant choices consist of plain black running pants, black running pants with red stripe, black running pants with three white stripes (Adidas), or black running pants with gray stripage (they're new!). If I'm feeling particularly sporty, I put on my black running tights. (You may be asking yourself why always black? Let's just say I've had three babies---the non-surgical route. And I run--- 'nuff said. You mommies out there KWIM.)

Choices on the top are old race t-shirts, tech shirts (that fancy wicking stuff called polyprolene---just found out that's just another word for polyester--who knew?), and fleece tops or hoodies.

On my non-running days, I find myself still falling into that Sporty Spice trap. Some thoughts:

1. I actually have dressy sweater hoodies a.k.a. church hoodies. Here's one now. I have it in black, too. Got 'em on sale at Old Navy. I don't know why I can't just wear a regular sweater. Does everything need a hood?

2. Do dark jeans count as dress pants? I'm thinking yes.

3. I now have dress athletic shoes. Have you see those dark brown Sketchers? Put 'em on with dark jeans and a church hoodie and that look will take you ANYWHERE.

4. I am in dire need of a visit from Stacie and Clinton.

p.s. The haircut is new. I'm attempting to channel Ms. Katie Holmes-Cruise. I mean, why shouldn't I look like her? We're both moms of three. We both run. We're both close friends with Posh. (Ok, that one may be more in my mind.) We're the same, really. Except for my lack of......... youth, fashion sense, beauty, money, personal chef, ability to run a full marathon, famous friends, scary husband........

Speaking of hair and the Holmes-Cruises, here's my Julia with her Suri hair cut. I hope the paparrazi don't start chasing us!


katieo said…
1) Suri cut? SO CUTE.

2) Like the new-do!

3) I LOVE my dark jeans. They go great with my dark brown pumas and hoodies.

4) and yes! of course everything needs a hood!