The fountain of youth

I think I discovered the fountain of youth in 2007 in two parts:

First, of course, is running. Running 10-15 miles a week the last part of 2007 made me healthier, happier, have more energy, look better, and feel more vibrant and young.

Second, keeping up with a toddler at the ripe old age of 37 has been incredibly fun and joyful. That'll keep you young. As I looked at her the other day sitting in a high chair, wearing a bib, eating a cracker and drinking from a sippy cup, I found myself thinking, "Wow, two years ago I thought I was done with sippies, bibs, and the like. But I'm so glad I wasn't." My little "bonus" baby has been such a blessing.


Bullock Family said…
Ok, you have inspired me! First of all, 37......... NOT THAT 37 IS OLD FOR THE RECORD! The older we get the younger all ages seem to be, but I really thought you were maybe 32. I guess being Jeremy's teacher and ages really hadn't clicked in my head, but you know how when you just hadn't thought of something. I just thought you were 32-33???? Ok, so before, well actually while I was pregnant (I just didn't know I was until one day it was hard to walk much less run) I had started running and actually made it to the 3 mile mark, certainly not in 30 minutes but I was thrilled!!!! Well, you have encouraged me today to get back on track! Also, thanks for the resources! Have a great weekend and thanks again for being the boost I needed!!!
MommyDonna said…
Really, 32 or 33?? Thank you so much!

I'm sure going to miss you guys. This will be a good way we can catch up!