Is this Burnout?

I think I might be experiencing runner's burnout. Not going into this half-heartedly, I've been completely immersed into the world of running over the last few months. I've been reading everything I can get my hands on (The Competitive Runner's Handbook, Runner's World, running blogs), talking and writing about it, and even working with a trainer. I've been pushing really hard to run longer and faster, rarely missing a workout. Running has taken over my life.

But now, I think I'm ready to be sort of..... normal, again. I think I can run and even train for a half-marathon without going head-over-heels crazy about running. There IS more to life than running and definitely more to me than running. In trying to have something just for myself, I think the real me got a little lost in all this. My husband can't figure out who this "jock chick" is. (Not that he minds, it's just a new and unexpected side of me he'd never seen before. Nor had I, for that matter.)

What I need is BALANCE in order to fit running into my life. No more letting the laundry pile up and the house go so I can run or read/write about running. What happened to my meal planning? We've been winging it for the last few months. Today, I'm going back to volunteer in my son's classroom for the first time in two months.

I think my theme for 2008 will definitely be BALANCE. It sure beats burnout.

Speaking of burnout, my achy knee may have met its match. Here's what I'm planning to get ASAP:


Devin said…
I have been there, done that, have the shirt :) I got some major burnout following my first half and throw a retirement and move on top of it. I still ran, just not like I used to. I am getting back into it (not that I ever totally gave it up, I just stopped recording every footstep and dropped back off boards) and I am in love once more.

Good for figuring it out before you actually reached the burn out stage

katieo said…
Great post. I know exactly how you feel. (Not running specifically though.)

Running is a fantastic compliment, or accessory, to a happy well-lived life, but doesn't need to be the center of it. I agree, Balance is a great "theme" for 2008. I'll jump on board with that one. :)