Scaredy Cat

I actually got out there and did a slow 4.5 miles yesterday even though I didn't want to. And I was better for it afterwards. My tiredness and mood lifted after the run, reminding me THAT'S why I like running.

My 19-mile week last week left me kind of achy in the usual spots---left knee and right ankle. I'm glad it's a taper week. I think my body is trying to tell me it needs one. My mind tells me to get out there and up that mileage as fast as possible to get ready for the half-marathon. But my body needs me to go about it in a smarter way---gradually, in small increments. My longest run yet is only 7 miles (only!), and it freaks me out a little that it's only about half the distance I will need. I've got about 11 weeks of training to go, though.

Unfortunately, yesterday I found out my running coach/trainer is moving at the end of March. The half-marathon is April 26, so I'm guessing he's not going to be able to coach the beginner's half-marathon training group I had hoped to join. I hope the running store people come up with SOMEONE to coach it.

Joining the training group for this 10K has made a huge difference in my running. I have new running buddies (who make me run faster in an attempt to keep up with them), I've had a weekly training plan of how far and how fast designed for me, and I've learned about the different types of training runs---intervals, hillwork, long-slow-distance, tempo, fartlek. I don't just hop on the treadmill or the road and run aimlessly--- each run has a purpose and a specific goal. I NEED that kind of structure and guidance in my workouts if I'm going to get ready for this half-marathon.

That's where the SCAREDY CAT part comes in. I still haven't registered for the Country Music Half-Marathon. It could technically fill up---there were over 19,000 half-marathon runners last year and I'm told it did get full. I don't have a hotel room in Nashville the night before, either. Many of them are already filled. I still tell people that I *might* be training for a half marathon.

Maybe I'm waiting until after this weekend's 10K.
Maybe I'm waiting to see if a beginner's training group materializes so I can have that needed guidance.
Maybe I'm hesitant to put down 90 non-refundable bucks on something I'm not sure I can even do.
Maybe I'm just plain scared.


katieo said…
90 non-refundable bucks
Holy Cow! That is a lot! (Is that the 1/2 where Kenny Rogers sings at the end or something like that?)

When is it again? Just remember, it's only one 1/2. I say Don't think to hard, just do it! (but then again, if you decide not to, I'm sure there'll be an opportunity around the corner for another one) I'm no help, am I, lol!
mccrary66 said…
Found your blog from your comment on Amys Running Life. Where did you find your training group? Im the same way about plans. I do much better running with a purpose. Ive been reading a few articles about training plans and I need to see it or run with a group that has done it. A co-worker and I have signed up for the Country Music Half, so we will see you in Nashville.
mccrary66 said…
Oh I forgot to mention. We used a discount code to sign up for the half. It was only $60. Code is ACTIVECMM

It expires on February 1.
Thank you for the code!!! I went through the local running store's training program. I hope you find a program in your area. See you at CMM......maybe.