Shooting for a 70-mile month!

I'm at 67.2 miles as of today. Guess I'll do that last 2.8 miles tomorrow to make it even. Unbelievable. I'm shocked that this month

A. My legs didn't fall off.

B. Not one single pound fell off, either. That's a lot of cardio. I guess I've plateaued and my body is finally used to the running. I'm not trying to lose, just to maintain, but how MUCH did I eat to counteract 700+ minutes of cardio and not lose an ounce?? (I don't typically run a 10-minute mile unless something is chasing me, but that was the easiest way to do the math. I think.)

Pre-Garmin, it was harder to keep track of, but I think my December mileage was roughly 48 miles. I have to estimate because I was running for time on many of those runs and never measured the distance.

Nearly 70 miles....... and it's only going to get higher as I get closer to April 26. Yikes.

I still can't truly see myself as an "athlete." I'm just an ordinary person who couldn't even run ONE mile 9 months ago. I guess sometimes an ordinary person can surprise herself and do an extraordinary thing.

UPDATE: I hit the treadmill on the 31st (freezing rain and ice outside) for 2.9 for a total of 70.1 miles in January.


Emily Doss said…
This is such a great accomplishment!
holy cow, you almost doubled your mileage from the previous month?!? that is pretty amazing!

haha, I just went on to Fit Day really quick and calculated that you burned 6,720 calories from all your running...insane!!!!