Skillz (a.k.a. Shoes Are Over-Rated)

In my former life (not re-incarnation former, but BB---before babies), I was a teacher. I was in charge of a classroom of 35+ teenagers at any given moment. I had skills (nunchuck skills, computer-hacking skills, he he. I love Napoleon.)---- public speaking, lesson planning, multi-tasking. I was completely organized and always on time.

Now as a SAHM to three, all that's gone out the window. For example, my 19-month old arrived at the grocery store this morning sans shoes. Shoes--- kind of an essential part of the wardrobe. I was able to dig ONE shoe out from under the seat, but I figured no shoes was better than one shoe. I can hear all the helpful little-old-lady comments now, "Honey, (this IS the South) you know your baby has lost a shoe, don't you?"

Just getting all of us out the door is a challenge. Some days I actually forget to comb my hair, brush my teeth, or put on make up. Notice that's an "OR"--- I don't usually forget all three. That would be gross. I do, however, ALWAYS remember MY shoes.

I think I've become a victim of the "If you don't use it, you lose it" cliche.

So, lately I've tried to find activities to brush up my skill set. (After all, I will re-enter the workforce someday. No rush, but someday.) I've recently started helping with my son's Cub Scout troop. I plan their field trips, some of which have been really cool, others..... not so much. Tonight we're touring Kinko's. That would be Kinko's, the copy store. My son is actually excited about seeing the really fast copy machines. (It's not hard to entertain a group of first graders!)

I'm also co-planning a 5K race for charity through my church. I had no idea what it takes to plan a road race when I signed on for this, but let's just say, wow, it's a LOT. But, we've got a great committee and a wonderful cause---- We are going to raise money to help build wells in Africa so those folks can have clean water. The number of children who die every day from drinking contaminated water is astounding. Here in the U.S., having diarrhea is a nuisance, but in other countries, it is often deadly.

So, I've found two outlets for my SKILLZ. Running, unfortunately, doesn't utilize skills I actually possess. All that stuff about endurance, speed, sheer will and determination---- not really me. Maybe that's why I'm finding it more challenging than fulfilling lately. But, I'm so glad I have other outlets (outside these four walls, outside the role of wife and mommy) that give me purpose and take advantage of my mad skillz. (Do people still say "mad skillz?")

OTRF: (on the running front) Nada. It's my day off.

Good Eats: Today's good choices included grilled chicken, lean "minimally processed" turkey slices, cantaloupe, celery, a banana, green beans, carrots, pineapple salsa (salsa counts as a vegetable, right?), and baked apples. Oh, yes, and a multivitamin. My body may actually go into shock---nutrition overload!