Songs I Run To

Here's a list of my favorite running songs right now and a line from some of them that makes me smile or motivates me:

The Distance Cake--- From The Fast and the Furious movie. I never saw the movies, but this song in which "he's going the distance" while in the back of the pack is motivating on long runs.

Pump It Black Eyed Peas--- pure motivation in this song. Makes me actually run faster.

Pon De Replay Rihanna--- "Run, run, run, run, everybody run, run......"

Dancing With Myself Billy Idol--- because I'm usually running by myself

Groove Is in the Heart Dee Lite--- just for funsies

You Give Love a Bad Name Bon Jovi--- takes me back to high school

Let's Get It Started Black Eyed Peas--- great at the beginning of a run or race

Should I stay or Should I Go Now? The Clash ---- Great, fast beat

Born to Run Bruce Springsteen--- 'cause I probably wasn't, but it's a nice thought

I Am Free Newsboys--- Contemporary Christian song "I am free to run. I am free to dance. I am free to live for You. I am free." Just a great song.

We Shine Steve Fee--- Steve Fee ROCKS. My favorite Contemporary Christian song of all time. Check it out on You Tube .

Yes, I have Black Eyed Peas and Newsboys on the same list. I have, um, diverse taste in music!

Running news:

Just finished my LSD (long, slow, distance) of 6.2 in 1:13:30. Pretty slow, huh? That's an average 11:51 pace. I had a major knee issue halfway though. At about 2.8 miles, my usual knee pain below the knee cap started. Then, going up a big hill and elongating my stride, the pain spread all around and above the kneecap. It was a burning pain then my knee seemed to tighten up or lock up or something. I stopped, did a quad stretch and hamstring stretch and ran some more. It still really hurt.

I was afraid of injuring myself more, so I walked for about 2 minutes (I turned off my timer during part of this). Then stretched again. Oddly, the knee went from burning to feeling kind of cold and it loosened back up. I started to run again and the usual mild knee pain was there, but the new one was gone. I have no idea what was going on there. Did I have a nerve issue or ligament cramp or something?

I took a short 30-second walking Gatorade break at 4.9 and ran the rest of the way. (Including a dog chasing me at the 5.9 mark.) I felt good at the end. Mostly relieved it was over!


Anonymous said…
I'd been wanting to ask you what music you run to, but thought I remembered you saying you did not listen to music while running (which I can't imagine). I have to share my top ten...
Upside Down - Dianna Ross
Gone Daddy Gone and Blister in the Sun- Violent Femmes
Runaway Train, Keep it Up and Get on Out- Soul Asylum
Time Marches On- Tracy Lawrence
All Star- (from Shrek!)
Wild Thing- Tone Loc
Outbound Plane- Nanci Griffith
Talk about diverse music taste!!! But, all of those have a great beat to run to and good stress relief. You've been motivating me to run more regularly. It's good for me b/c tennis hasn't been so regular with the holidays, etc. That's a good thing about running- you don't have to have a partner. If you're not running it's b/c you don't want to be running. Take care and keep up the good work:)Mandy
MommyDonna said…
Hi, Mandy!

Ok, I'm adding Wild Thing today! That's a good one.

I'm so glad you stop by and comment every now and then. Glad someone besides me is reading.

I'm sorry you haven't played much tennis lately. I know you miss it. But running is good, too. I do like that I can do it anywhere, nearly anytime, and alone or with someone.
katieo said…
Oh I'm ALWAYS looking for new tunes. The good ones You just keep forever. Even when you get sick of them, they come back around a couple months later.

I wish everyone would post their favs!
katieo said…
ps,did you delete a comment on the healthiest food post?Anyway, I never know if anyone actually clicks over there so thanks for the feedback!
MommyDonna said…
Katie---I did---I found an error after posting and it wouldn't let me edit! I was telling you about my yummy avocado quesadilla I had for lunch yesterday. I LOVE that feature on your site.

I have like two readers so I doubt we'll see much song feedback.

But I appreciate BOTH of you! :-)