Down for the Count

Whew! Rotavirus is not fun. We have three family members DOWN. Julia became sick on Thursday night. Then it hit my husband on Saturday morning. Finally, Annabeth succumbed on Saturday night. Nathaniel and I are just waiting and hoping it skips us. We are the strongest-stomached of the bunch, I have to say. (I'll probably regret those words.)

Oh, and the washing machine is broken. It died on Friday. The timing is not good. If I ever needed to do emergency laundry, it is now! But, tomorrow it will either be fixed or we'll be shopping for a new one....... perhaps a new front-loading, energy-efficient one? Do you think there is maybe one that sorts, washes, dries, folds, and puts away? I'd pay BIG money for that.

Even though he was sick, Chris insisted I go on my scheduled ten-mile run on Saturday morning. In hindsight, it wasn't the best idea. After losing sleep with a sick baby and a sick husband on Thursday and Friday nights, I struggled with this run. Finally, at 9.2 miles, I called it quits. It was cold and snowing and I just wasn't feeling it.

It was kind of funny when I came home---I looked in through the window to see the baby crying while standing in the middle of the coffee table. (She can climb up, just can't get back down.) I rang the doorbell (they had locked me out), and my weary-looking, greenish husband came to the door. I said, "Um, the baby is standing on the coffee table? And I still need to stretch." Later, he told me he had been in bed since I left, as he was too sick to even sit up. I asked who was watching the baby...... of course, it was my five-year-old. Hope I don't have to pay her as she was clearly falling down on the job.

Then, with all the life run out of me, I had to take care of four folks all day----a sick hubby and three kids. Julia was still not feeling well, and was exceptionally needy. When Annabeth got sick all over her bed (and I mean ALL OVER) about 10:00 p.m., I just broke down and cried out of exhaustion and frustration.

But, in the daylight it all looks better. Survivable even.


katieo said…
Oh Donna. I totally feel your pain! I think that exact scene has with the baby on the coffee table has played out at our house too!

I can't believe you pulled out 9.2 in the cold and snow with a sick family. Wow.
Anonymous said…
In fairness to me, the coffee table was not very high off the ground...Donna's "no longer as sick" husband.
katieo said…
(I felt bad for you too Donna's husband!)

And if it were at our house it wouldn't have been the coffee table, more likely the kitchen counter!