Right now I've got so many balls in the air. I know everyone is busy, but I'm usually kind of NOT. I relished my status as stay-at-home-mom, nap taker, Internet surfer, Oprah watcher. (I thought about including bon-bon eater, but that would be cliche.) I felt pretty content with the lack of stress and busyness in my life.

But, suddenly, I have, like, ten jobs. Ok, technically only two, but some days it feels like ten. I'm employed for the first time in 5 years. I'm a part-time, freelance book editor. Doesn't that sound fancy? Actually a friend of mine is self-publishing a book of 365 daily devotionals and asked me to edit it for him. I'm not sure to what extent I'll actually get paid, but there will be money changing hands. So, that makes it official. I'm employed. Carving out time to actually concentrate on a project without a whining baby and fighting siblings to distract me (or Oprah, the Internet, my nap) is proving challenging. The 9:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. time frame seems to work best.

Along with the editing job, I'm still working on my charitable project, the Run for a Reason 5K race. Being race co-director is bigger than I imagined. There are about a million little steps to planning a 5K race. Who knew? I'm used to just showing up, waiting for the starting gun, and running. From now on, I think I shall prefer to just run them and let somebody else do the planning! Just kidding. It's a very worthwhile cause, and one truly deserving of my time.

The third ball in the air at the moment is training for the half-marathon. It's the thing I'm doing just for me.

I'm used to just juggling being a wife and a mother, keeping the house relatively presentable, and making sure everyone has clean underwear and is fed. Adding more "balls" to the mix has definitely stretched my resources--- in a good way. I think I actually like juggling.


katieo said…
OH my gosh I am so in the same boat. (but I don't EVER get naps! (jealous)
ANway, all of a sudden my life just went into overdrive and I barely have room to breath!