Last night an inevitable part of parenting struck---- the dreaded stomach bug. Just after going to bed, my 20-month-old threw up all over herself and her crib. And then did it some more. And some more.

Of course, my husband had a 7:30 p.m. meeting, so it was just me and the kids. Doesn't it always work out that way? I picked her up, changed her clothes, and tried to figure out how to change the disgusting crib sheet while holding a shaking, very upset baby. So I called in reinforcements. I yelled to my five and seven-year olds, "Guys, come in here! I need your help!" When they got there, I said, "I need someone to hold the baby while I clean up her bed. She needs to be held because she feels really sick."

My seven-year-old son took one look (and one whiff) of the baby, and starting backing up. "No way!"

But my five-year-old little maternal one said, "I'll hold her, Momma." She sat on the floor and I placed the baby in her lap. Even though the baby had a bit of junk in her hair, her sister wasn't grossed out at all.

I was going about my business changing the sheets when I glanced back at the two of them. Annabeth was gently stroking Julia's (somewhat funky) hair. Julia had relaxed back into her sister, calmed down completely, and was kind of laying across her lap. The sweetness of the moment struck me. I said to Annabeth, "You're going to be a really good mommy some day."


Anonymous said…
I have tears!! That is the sweetest story. Thanks for sharing. Mandy