The Problem with Running or "Post-Run Nasties"

I completed my longest run yet this morning---8.5 miles in 1:28:56. I averaged a 10:27 pace, which for me is smokin' for such a long distance. I felt pretty good throughout, but definitely "done" at the end.

I have decided that the PROBLEM with running long distances like this one is the post-run nasties. (This only happens to me in runs 6+ miles.) I feel good immediately after the run, then chills set in right after cool down and stretching and get progressively worse. I thought changing into dry clothes at home would help, but it didn't. I even crawled into bed in my fleece jacket under a thick comforter and I was still cold. Then, the post-run stomach cramps set in, too. I tried Powerade this time instead of Gatorade, but had the same results. Every time I go on a long run, I end up with stomach cramps for several hours after the run (plus the chills). Add to that mix fatigue and achy knees and you get the "post-run nasties." Chills, stomach cramps, aches, and extreme fatigue----it's like having a three-hour case of the flu.

So, my question is ---- IS IT REALLY WORTH IT?

Update: About three hours after the run, I took a hot shower that eliminated the chills, had a cup of coffee with lots of sugar for energy, and took the kids bowling for two hours. Looks like I'll survive.


I have the same problem, Donna. I was doubled over on the way home from the hypothermic with stomach cramps and didn't really feel "right" until a few hours later. The hot shower is definitely important and jumping into warm dry clothes immediately after seems key. I will try the hot sugary drink. Or maybe a round or two of bowling will do the trick. :-)

Great job on the long run!
Anonymous said…
I have been running for 24 years and only recently started having this problem after long runs. I get cramps and feel nauseated the rest of the day after a long run. Alka Seltzer helps.

I'm trying to figure it out as well. If you figure it out, let me know.

Running Mom to 3
Catherine said…
I just trained for and finished the San Diego Rock n Roll marathon. These post-run nasties may be due to an electrolyte imbalance. In additional to drinking Hydrolyte during my runs I also take Endurolyte electrolyte tablets. You may need to increase your electrolytes w/o increasing fluids during your run. I try and consume at least 200 mg per hour during long runs, not matter how much fluid I replace.

Good Luck,

Catherine said…
woops, I forgot to say that I consume 200 mg of SODIUM per hour during long runs.