Recovery Week... in More Ways than One

My Runner's World Smart Coach training plan calls for a low-mileage week this week to give my legs a break. Woot! Woot!

I surely need it. I've run a whopping 2 miles this week. (And they were strangely tough! My legs were made of lead.) I know my body needs to take a break from the increasing mileage. Plus, I'm still trying to recover from the lack of sleep since last Thursday.

I need to renew my mind as well as my body. I've got a touch of burnout---the weather's been nasty, I've been running frequently on the treadmill, which isn't very motivating. I miss the fun part of running, where there is no set number of miles you HAVE to do, you just run at whatever pace you feel like, and when you skip a day you MISS it. I'm pretty sure I'll get back there some day---AFTER the half-marathon. For now, it's all business.


Emily Doss said…
I was looking on iTunes today and thought of you. They now have albums with a coach on them. Cool running music and someone pushing you harder.
They are called Nike Sport Music and I found that under the More in Music tab on the left hand side.
Thanks, Emily! Oh, and I am going to buy the Daniel Doss Band CD today!