What's Up with My MP3?

It's vicious I tell you. Vicious.

1. Have you ever been shocked by your MP3? I'm cruising along when I cross over a metal grate. The next thing I hear is pop, pop, pop. Ouch, ouch, ouch. Apparently, the static I had built up in my body was released when I went over the metal grate. Through. My. Ear. My left earbud shocked my inner ear three times! That, I didn't expect.

2. Have you ever had a song get stuck in a loop on your MP3? And it was Britney Spears' Toxic? First of all, it's like the longest song EVER. Maybe I have the extended version, but it's looooonnnng. Second, listening to it over and over for 1.25 miles (I checked. Garmin doesn't lie.), which for me is 13 or 14 minutes, really is TOXIC. Ya'll, 14 consecutive minutes' worth of Britney Spears is waaayyyy too much.