10 Miles Ain't So Bad (Or Is It?)

It IS kinda bad, actually. I just completed my first ten-miler. I ran 9.2 about 3 weeks ago, but this is my first time in double digits. It makes the half marathon seem more doable. Though if someone told me I had to run 3.1 MORE miles at the end of that 10 today, I'd have probably sprayed them in the eye with my runner's mace. Or smacked them in the head with my Nathan Speedbelt 2 hydration system.

K. and I met bright and early for a morning run today. We were basically over dressed and under hydrated---- at the end of the run it was a pretty warm 65 degrees. I knew it was supposed to be warm, but I'm so used to long sleeves and long pants that I put them on out of habit. I completed 10 miles in 1:52:04. Overall pace was 11:12. (dang walk breaks!)

Speaking of walk breaks, we took a hydration/gel break at 3.1 miles for about 90 seconds, hit a port-a-potty at a construction site at mile 5 (it HAD to be done), and walked a minute or so around six-and-a half. Our last water stop was at 7.5, but we kept moving (walking) through it---though we did pause to stretch a bit. The last three miles were tough. But we made it!

As I type, I'm sitting on the bed with frozen bags of golden niblets on both ankles and knees drinking a glass of Accelerade Advanced Sports Drink which claims to "speed muscle recovery, reduce muscle damage, and enhance rehydration." Great, my muscle recovery needs to speed up, my muscle damage needs to be reduced, and my rehydration needs to be enhanced. Win-Win-Win! Oh, I forgot to mention the taste..... Nah, it's not too bad if you drink it really, really cold.

Am I a runner yet??? Because of the walk breaks, many would say I am not. Galloway's article below still pegs me as jogger. But I think 10 miles should count for something!


Running Knitter said…
Awesome job on your 10 miler! Congrats!
katieo said…
10 miles. Awesome job!!
In my book, you are most definitely a RUNNER. Congratulations on 10 miles ... if you squint, you can see that half marathon distance just over the horizon!!