Common Ground

Last night I took an important step in my running life---- I joined the local running club.

I attended their meeting last month to check it out, but only a handful of people showed up and I didn't meet very many people. And honestly, I wasn't sure I really fit in. They were nice, but I felt somewhat out of place. I'm so glad I gave it a second chance. Last night, it was packed with runners of all shapes/sizes and ability/experience levels. I saw a few familiar faces from last time and met a couple of new folks. I found common ground with a mom of four who has been running about the same amount of time as me and who is about my pace. She's also training for the same half-marathon as me. Actually, pretty much everyone in that room is training for that same race.

It is going to be so neat to be a part of this community of runners and athletes. (Several are involved in duathlons and tri's, too.) The common theme is that everyone is crazy for running. Everyone is interested in being healthy and strong. There were people in their twenties up to people probably in their sixties! (Actually the youngest member was 7---- her parents are really involved.)

They run together once a week and one really experienced member is planning to do free speed training for the members on Saturday mornings to help us improve our 10K time (focus race in June), and then he's going to train us for the next half-marathon in October. In order to stay motivated in the upcoming hot, ridiculously humid Tennessee summer (so I'll be ready for the October race), it will be helpful to once again have a coach and a training group. That made all the difference in January when it was soooo cold. Plus, we are getting matching shirts, so at races people will know we are together! I am ALL ABOUT matching shirts. I think that was the biggest reason I joined my sorority in college---Alpha Delta Pi--- the cool matching shirts!

Yes, I'm a joiner. I'm not built to go through this life alone. I like to share my experiences with other people. As my pastor would say, I'm "relational." Not that I don't enjoy the rare instances of time alone, I just think joys in life are sweeter when shared.