Picture My Run

Here are some pictures from the trail about 20 minutes from my house. It's a very scenic place to run. (It's also where I lost my child for 20 minutes. See the March entry "Running While Panicking." Scary!) These are old railroad beds that were replaced with paved and wooden trails.
I've been to the trail a couple of times this month. The only problem with running here in the summer, I'm told, is the SNAKES. They meander across the path, probably hang from the trees, and swim in the water. What does a runner do when she encounters a snake on a bridge? Jump over it and keep running? (perhaps a little faster?)
My knees are still feeling the 12 miles three days later! I had a short recovery run this morning to try to relieve some of the stiffness and soreness. Luckily this is a drop down week.