I have a bunch of randomness to piece together today:

1. Last night, I had the Best. Steak. Ever. If you have a P.F. Chang's near you, RUN, don't walk, there and get this steak. It's not on the regular menu, but it's been on the "seasonal" menu since September at least. (Quite a few seasons) It was a New York Strip, medium rare, with a teriyaki sauce and spices crusted on the outside. Medium rare? Not my usual way to eat steak (medium), but that's the ONLY way they'll prepare this one. There is no asking how you'd like your steak. It only comes medium rare. And it is a beautiful thing. The brown rice, lettuce wraps, and spring rolls were yummy, too. Probably a 1500 calorie meal and worth every bite.

2. I met a fellow new runner today. She is 59-years-old. She took up running when she was 58, exactly one year ago this month. She was signing up for the 5K I'm helping plan. She's running 10-minute miles like me, and she always wins her age group. Her grandkids think she's cool. What an inspiration! (And I thought I started running kind of late.)

3. I ran 75 miles this month. It was my longest mileage, up 5 miles over January's total of 70. No wonder my knees hurt.

4. Last night, we drove the first 10 miles of the half-marathon course (then ran out of time due to play tickets). It was good to see what to expect, but also brought out the response, "Seriously??"