Running Vs. Parenting

I have to say running is going much better than parenting this week. So, I'll talk about running. I had a great 6.25 mile run this morning at a 10:19 pace. It was sunny and 40 degrees, no major wind---coolish, but near-perfect running weather. I actually did more than my training plan called for and incorporated some pretty decent hills in my neighborhood. I didn't even take a walk break, which was quite an accomplishment for me. It just felt GOOD to be out there. I had missed that.

I've noticed lately my running partner and I are actually not following our Runner's World training plans very closely. Mine has my longest run at 11 miles two weeks prior to the race. However, on the day of the Country Music Half-Marathon, I don't want to have never even run 13.1. I want to KNOW that I can do it, so the only way to do that is to run 13.1 before the half-marathon. We actually plan to try for a long distance of 14 or even 15 miles, so on the day of the race, 13.1 won't even seem like a big deal. (Is there a scenario that 13 miles isn't a big deal? We'll see.)

Sure, the guys at Runner's World are the experts, but this time we're writing our own plan.