Friday, March 21, 2008

Still Standing.... After 12 Miles!!

I ran my 12-miler and I feel fantastic! Ok, well, not fantastic-fantastic, more "pretty darn good for someone who ran 12 miles"- fantastic.

For the first time, I have no post-run tummy issues or chills. I don't know which part is the magic formula, but here's what I did:

7:00 a.m. breakfast bowl of Special K and cup of coffee
8:00 a.m. had 1/2 plain bagel
9:00 a.m. had 1/2 banana
9:15-9:30 6 or 7 oz. of Accelerade
9:30 a.m. begin running
Lots of water during the run---20 ounces by mile 8, plus 10 more. Also, 3 Cliff Shot Bloks and 1 Tropical flavored Hammer Gel.
5 oz. Accelerade after run and more water

We ran at an average 10:35 -10:45 pace each mile except for when we didn't (two port-o-potty breaks, two walking "fuel" breaks for water and gel/bloks, stopping at mile 8 to stretch). That brought down the average to 11:05 overall and a total of 2 hours, 14 minutes. If I can run that last 1.1 miles in under 16 minutes, I can squeak in at my under 2:30 goal. Of course, the start is going to be staggered for the 22,000 runners, and I'm sure I'm in one of the rear chutes, so that may get my time a little off. But, my Garmin will tell my true time. (After saying that, I'll probably forget it that morning!)

Three things that really helped:
1. I got my MP-3 from the car at 8 miles and listening to my songs really picked me up when I was struggling. I like "depriving" myself of the music until I really need it. Plan to use that strategy on race day.
2. Doublemint Gum. Having that (also at mile 8) energized me and made my mouth feel fresh.
3. Breaking up the mileage into small segments. We ran a 4-mile paved trail out and back. But mentally, it seemed like 4 miles, then 4 miles instead of 8. Then, after stretching, we ran out two miles and back two. Not adding up how many I'd gone or how many I had to go before finishing helped immensely. My mind concentrated on running 4 miles or 2 miles at a time, not even thinking about 12.


Reluctant Runner said...

Darn those Garmins for being so precise, eh? Who wants "the real story" anyways?

Congratulations on 12K and for feeling so good afterwards. Wonderful! And at a terrific pace.

BTW, I appreciate your posting on what you ate ... it's helpful to know because I suffer some of the same GI issues.

Reluctant Runner said...

Oops, silly Canadian, I meant to say 12 MILES (or 19K) ... even more impressive!

katieo said...

12 miles. THis is so fascinating to read. I can't wait to be posting about 12 miles.

Christie Kettle said...

Wow. That's great. I'm so glad that you shared your blog with me. I've been reading it all week and I see myself in your early ones. I'm also so glad to read this part about your long runs and seeing that you stop to stretch or walk a bit. It makes me feel like I'm totally capable of double digit miles. Thanks so much for sharing your blog with me.

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