Why I Run

Sometimes it makes me feel like this: (and that's enough)

Thanks to Katie at Sister Skinny for posting this on her blog.

Doesn't watching that make you want to go run a mile or two?


katieo said…
dj, what was the name of the song from the video before this last one? (was it eminem?)
Someone just left a comment asking about it and I knew you had it in your playlist already.
It is Eminem's Lose Yourself (soundtrack version). Soundtrack of what, I don't know!
Hi Donna, Thanks for the comments. That is a strange race, you run the race of your life to be at the back. I try not to dwell on it too much but just once I'd like to experience the speed of the middle or front of the pack. :D I do try to just rejoice in everything that was positive and go with that. Like I said, my other trick is to not look back also. If there is no one or only a couple, I think I would feel worse -- visual evidence, I guess. Anyway, congrats on your 10k and for just being a runner. Glad you are enjoying my blog.