2 hours, 27 minutes, 27 seconds

That's how long it took me to run 13.1 miles this morning---my last long training run! I'll take it and hope for the same result on race day in exactly two weeks. My running buddy and I headed out at 8:30 a.m. for Rails to Trails again and enjoyed a nice, flat 13.1 miles. We kept up an average pace in the 10:30's and finished strong with two 10-minute miles. For me, that's 5K race pace (sadly!).

I'm having a few post-run tummy issues, but nothing severe. I should have drank more water and less Accelerade and eaten fewer Clif Bloks. I tried to eat some Jelly Belly Sports Beans, but after snacking on four, I must have dropped the package. And they were so good! (Orange flavor). I didn't eat a gel this time. I missed the caffeine kick (25 mg) the tropical fruit flavor Hammer Gel usually gives me. But I was saving it for race day!

I was very anxious about this morning's run. I wasn't excited before going. I was having mommy-guilt because I ran instead of going to my daughter's soccer game. I hadn't missed one this season. And I sent all three kids to soccer with one brave husband. But, he knew this was something I needed to do. Thanks, Honey!

Splits and such:
Mile 1-- 10:05 pace
Mile 2-- 10:13
Mile 3-- 10:32
Mile 4-- 10:36
4-minute, 26-second break to stop by port-o-potty, hydrate, take Bloks, and unfortunately talk to a nice, but bored and lonely Park Ranger who was feeling VERY chatty
Mile 5-- 11:00
Mile 6-- 10:35
Mile 7-- 10:40
Mile 8--10:37
3-4 minute break to hydrate, take Bloks, and S-T-R-E-T-C-H
Mile 9--10:58
Mile 10--10:38
One-minute walk break at a turn-around and to wrap our minds around 5K more
Mile 11--10:50
Mile 12--10:02 Ready to be done!
Mile 13--10:00
.12 -- 9:36 (Yea! There's my car!)

1,442 calories burned. Oh, yeah, I'm goin' out tonight!


Beautiful ... congratulations! You and I have the same tummy issues. I took your advice about hydration, though, and it seemed to help a little.

I'm looking forward to your race report. You might be surprised how the adreneline of race day gives you a little more speed. Regardless, it's quite an accomplishment!
RunnerMom said…
I hope the adrenaline kicks in! I'd love a 2:20 finish, but the race is hilly and this trail was flat, so I might just hope to eek out a sub 2:30 finish!