6 Days!

Yikes! My nerves are getting the best of me. The fatigue has lifted, but I had a terrible run on Friday---4 miles struggling for a 10:03 pace, and I turned my Garmin off during my walk break! That terrible run, the fatigue, and not doing all my training runs last week didn't do anything for my confidence level. I feel like I may have lost some fitness last week. (Is that possible? I have no idea.)

Now, the two race plans I'm loosely following offer extremely divergent training plans for the week. One says to do 3 easy miles, 3 easy miles, and a 5-mile run with the three middle miles at race pace. (Seems like a bit much.) The other says to do one mile of speed work at the track (total!) and a 2-mile tempo run. That's it for the whole week! (Seems like too little running.) I feel like I need to make up last week's missed runs, but that may not be the best idea. At this point (as my hubby is fond of saying), "it is what it is."

I watched some clips from the "Half-Marathon Challenge" at the Runner's World website. It was a 10-week training program for three runners, and there was a woman on there I could relate to--- she was a new runner, first-time half-marathoner, mom, about my pace, and in her thirties. She had a 2:25 finish, which is around my goal. It made me feel a little better. It was also good to see a half-marathon in action---now I know what the start and finish look like, etc.

Post half marathon, I'm just looking forward to keeping a mileage base of about 10 miles a week with a long 6 or 7-miler every week or two weeks. Mostly, I want to focus on getting faster.

But I have to get through this week first!


I vote for the "taper" schedule -- sounds like you need the rest. Trust your body, Donna ... it's ready!

Best of luck to you this weekend. I look forward to your race report.