Hills Are Not My Friend--UPDATED!

I'm in recovery from a super-hilly 10 miles that looked like this--(It was out and back, so I did it TWICE):

I kept hearing how hilly the Country Music Half-Marathon course is, and according to www.mapmyrun.com the elevation looks like this:

That mile 7 hill is notorious!

I think I'll be ready. We kept up a peppy 10:20 pace (excluding two walk/hydration breaks), which was a bit of a struggle for me! Next week is my last long run. I'm going to a nice flat place and knock out 11 or 12 for the last time before the race. Thank God.

Hills are not my friend. My running buddies Kelle and Melissa who kept me going today ARE my friends. Accelerade is my friend. Bags of frozen vegetables on my knees and ankles are my friends. Aleve is also a very good friend. And, as of tomorrow, a NEW pair of Brooks Radius 7 shoes will be my friend!

My current ones have approximately 250 running miles on them since December, plus a tiny bit of cross training (I really don't cross train much), some shopping miles, and some general post-work out errand miles. I've been really achy in my legs and I read on http://www.runnersworld.com/ (also a friend of mine!):

"If your legs are more tired or sore than usual, the first thing to think about is how long you've been running in your current shoes. We recommend that you replace trainers every 300 to 500 miles. "

It's good to have friends. Who (what) are your friends, running or otherwise?


Southbay Girl said…
Hi, I saw your name on Running Knitter's blog and that you're running the Country Music half-so are we: Southbay Girl, Maryland Girl and Valley Girl from Planet Ynnep Running. We're coming in from california and maryland to run it!
RunnerMom said…
You are traveling far! Have you done it before? I'll check out and comment on your blog!
Southbay Girl said…
Hey Runner Mom. Yes I'm originally from nashville but live in Southenr California now. My two friends who are running it, one of them has never run a half before and the other hasn't run alot in many years-so I picked nashville because it was two of our hometowns and close to Maryland, well compared to california! It will be a little weekend home. I know the area fairly well-I don't think it's too hilly....but everything seems hilly when you are running!!!
You are seriously impressive, that course looks NUTS. I used to run up the big hill by me, but it was just straight up 30 minutes one way hell and then smooth coasting heaven for like 20 minutes down. I don't think I could deal with the up and down and up and down and not knowing when it ends. Plus a 10 minute mile...you kick my butt! Running up hill I average an 11 minute mile, EEK! Not good.

Oh, and that is really good to know about when to change your shoes. My knees have been really achy and I wasn't sure why, but then when I read this I did some calculations and my current tennies are probably at around 700 miles...oops! So thanks for the reminder!
RunnerMom said…
That's what my friend's Timex listed our average pace as. She turned it off during our walk breaks. However, according to Big G, my Garmin, it was more like a 10:20 pace for me. Don't be impressed!

Enjoy your new shoes. I have run in mine twice and both times was excited to run---just because of the shoes!