Proud of my 2:19:01

My first half-marathon went really well this morning and was a great experience. I was hoping to finish under 2:30, so I was thrilled with 2:19:01. I was number 10,178 to finish out of 25,062 half-marathoners (big race!). As a normal back-of-the pack runner, it was nice to be in the top half for once.

I'll share what went right, what went wrong, and a full race-report later.

Thanks to everyone who commented to wish me luck.

A few pictures.....

Before the race-- 6:00 a.m. in the rain lovin' my one-size-fits-all poncho (which I ditched at the starting line)

My big finish-- somehow out of 25,000 runners, my hubby managed to catch me going across the finish line.

Post-race picture. Cool medal.


gracedgirl said…
awesome job, you should be proud! what a huge accomplishment!
That is fantastic, Donna -- especially coming in more than 10 minutes faster than you hoped. You are an inspiration. I'll be checking back for your race report. Hope you're enjoying some well-earned r&r!!!
katieo said…
Yay! Great job!
Gotta run, I'll be back later to catch up and read the full race report...
Christie Kettle said…
Great job. I know you must be so proud of your time, meeting your goal and all. I actually got a little teary eyed for you looking at your pictures and seeing how your husband got one of you finishing.