Another Race?

I know this about myself--- I MUST have another race on the horizon to keep up with my training. I'm trying to decide which race to do on Saturday. There is the annual Strawberry Festival 5K in my little hometown with 60-70 runners/walkers. The course start and finish are across the street from my parents' house. And for a race, it's pretty inexpensive---$15, but it's too late to get a shirt, darn it.

Then there are both a 5K and a 10K on Saturday here to raise money for research on spinal muscualr atrophy and a sweet baby girl named Mary There's even a bike ride of varying distances included. The only problem with that one is there are only about 30 people doing the 10K, so there's that danger in the back of my mind of being last. (Oh, I read a shirt that said Last Place beats Did Not Finish, Did Not Finish beats Did Not Start, and Both of them trump Sitting on the Couch Watching TV.)

Add to that the two online contests I'm participating in, Half-Fast's Shave Your 5K Challenge and Non-Runner Nancy's 10K on the 10th Contest. In Half-Fast's challenge, you had to report an official 5K "stubble time" between December 07 and March 08 as your time to beat, and you have until December 08 to post your "shaved time." In Nancy's virtual race, you run your 10K, post your time and race report, and she links her readers to your blog. (Yes, I spend WAY TOO MUCH TIME reading other runners' blogs. Laundry, anyone? Cleaning the closets? Nope, too busy reading other people's splits and mileage and race reports!)

To complicate matters, yesterday I thought I broke my toe. I stubbed my foot on the metal part of the shower door. Today, it's less swollen, so I doubt it's a break. It's bruised and cut in two places, though, so it hurts when I walk. It's perhaps a bit jammed since it doesn't bend all the way. But I don't think it's broken. I plan to try to run tomorrow to feel things out. THEN I'll decide on which race to do on Saturday.

I don't feel like I've trained for these races, but the half was only two weeks ago, so I should be about as trained as I'll ever be. Except the whole speed part.

Update: It's not broken! Just bruised.


April said…
Great Blog! I loved your race report! And it's Amy's mom who wins first place every single time! She's just a natural.

p.s. do people ever tell you that you look like Catherine Keener?
RunnerMom said…
No one ever has told me that, but looking up some pics, I can see how someone might think so---especially in my profile pic.

I'll pop on over to see Amy's race report!
Christie Kettle said…
Love the quote on the shirt. I'm a sucker for matching shirts too. They're like trophies for me.