Beach Running

In a couple of days we are leaving for Orange Beach, AL for a little R and R. I'll be doing my running on the beach and won't be posting.

I saw on an Orange Beach calendar of events that the running club there does a Tuesday night 3-mile run each week.
Maybe I'll hook up with them for a group run.
If not, there's always running solo on the beach and the condo has a workout room (with just two treadmills). The heat and humidity may unfortunately drive me indoors, but that's only as a last resort. Maybe if I get out there early enough, I won't melt.

Hmmm..... A sunrise run on the beach? Sounds good to me!

When I get back, I'll make a decision about the marathon---- Rocket Man in Huntsville or Battlefield Marathon at Chicamagua National Battlefield in north Georgia. Or I may decide to chuck the whole fall marathon thing and wait until spring.


shawna said…
Have a wonderful vacation! Running on the beach sounds great. I just stumbled upon your blog yesterday, and I've been reading it and can relate to so much of your journey - although I'm just at the beginning. I restarted running about 3 weeks ago. I've never been a true runner and I've always been slow, slow, slow. I've been in a physical and somewhat mental slump since having my daughter 21 months ago. Not PPD, just the need to change the way I was pre-pregnancy - working 60 hour weeks, not taking time for myself, etc. The world is a different place now that I have a child. Enough about me ;)

Your before and after photos are wonderful! How much weight did you lose in the 6 months? And what is your current training schedule like? I've been following the couch to 5k podcast as well as the Nike Running with Serena Williams.