Injury Schminjury

I have been running for almost a year injury-free!!! Yea! Then last Thursday in a weights class, I turned my left ankle funny. My Achilles tendon immediately started to ache and the pain radiated around to the outside of my ankle. A quick consult with a trainer, and I was given the instructions to ice, take Motrin, and not run for 3 days. Immediately, I felt FEAR at being told not to run--- like any break is going to somehow make me lose all my endurance, what little speed I have, and all fitness whatsoever!

But I made it the three days without running. I definitely felt like something was missing. I did try cycling on Saturday for 4.5 miles. Can I just say those seats are NOT comfortable? If running made my feet feel like that...... And 4.5 miles only burned 200 calories, whereas running would have burned 450! (I think I secretly only run for the calorie burning.)

I'm back on the road again now. I did an easy run of 2 miles on Sunday and then 2.5 miles of speedwork on Monday, and the ankle was FINE. I guess it did just need to rest a few days.

I'm going to register for the July 4th 10K in Nashville. With a race on the horizon, I'll have something to train for, something to guide my runs. After that one, it'll be almost time to start increasing mileage for the Oct. 2 Music City Half-Marathon. Then maybe I'll run/walk a full marathon in November or December. We shall see.