Am I Ready for a Full Marathon??

I've been a runner for almost a year now. I've run lots of 5K's, two 10K's, and a half-marathon. The question is---What's the next step? Should I be thinking about a full?

Some of the running advice out there is contradictory.
"You need to run a half-marathon before a full marathon." Check.

"You need to run a sub two-hour half-marathon before considering running a full." Not quite.

"You need to run several half-marathons before running a full." Not yet.

"You need to have been running for one year before training for a full marathon." Almost there.

"You need to focus on speed before distance." Working on it.

My running partner really wants to do 26.2. I'm open to the idea. I do want to get a couple more half-marathons under my belt, get closer to that 2-hour mark (from my 2:19:01 debut), and get faster in general. I guess I'm following the advice. But is it too soon?

On my half-marathon race report, my last words were "full marathon---NEVER HAPPENING." At the end of that race, I was so tired I couldn't imagine going one or two more miles. But the body is an amazing thing. It adapts. Who would have thought I could even run 13?