Spiritual Running

Is running as spiritual for you as it is for me?

Recently, someone asked me if I'm spending all this time running, writing about running, etc., how can I be living a Christ-centered life?

My answer is that the two are not mutually exclusive. I feel like God is at the heart of ALL aspects of my life, and that includes running. When I run, I thank God for the strong legs that carry me and for my heart that pumps more efficiently with every mile. I take time to actually notice the world God created---the trees, the birds, the blooming flowers. And I appreciate them. I talk to God when I run, maybe not for every step, but here and there like a continuous sentence without a period. I feel like I would be remiss to take for granted a beautiful day and my healthy body by NOT running.

Running has added a new dimension to my life and doesn't subtract anything that existed previously. I feel a greater sense of accomplishment and contentment and energy than I did. These can only enhance the spiritual side of my life as I choose to serve others, invest in people, be a part of a community of believers, and influence others for Christ.

The neatest moment during the half-marathon last month was passing by a church with a choir standing outside singing, "Yes, Lord, yes, Lord, yes, yes, Lord," a popular contemporary Christian song. I got chills because right at that moment, I felt like I was doing something God wanted me to do. I had prayed through the decision to train for that half-marathon, never imagining I could accomplish it. But, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

Does running fit into God's will for my life? I really think it does.


Anonymous said…
Thanks for stopping by. Like you I find that running provides a space for me to spend time in prayerful meditation. I probably run more for the thoughtfulness that takes than for the physical benefits.

For me faith ought to be integrated into all of life rather than compartmentalized as a separate activity. I enjoy the place where faith and running intersect.

I still have friends who don't understand the amount of time spent running. But for me the benefits are worth the investment.

Congratulations on completing the half.
Anonymous said…
I am a runner as well I am 23 and a christian, I agree with running being something I feel the Lord has enabled me to do and I can use it for his glory. SOme days when I am running i cant help but see and feel God in everything and to be thankful... some people may not understand that but Christ knows your heart!

Sometimes I feel that running is the most spiritual thing I do. I feel connected to something bigger and full of gratitude and wonder. When I step outside and run, I feel I'm in God's house.

I am not a very devout Christian, Donna, but I imagine a Christ-centred life has more to do with what's in your heart than where you worship.

Take care. Great post!
Christie Kettle said…
This year when my aunt and uncle ran the 1/2 marathon, they bought shirts that said Team 4:13 and had that exact scripture on the back. After seeing those shirts and reading this blog, I realize that that's precious time with God that I'm not using. You've inspired me to do better and use that time with Him to get closer to Him.