The Summer Plan

On my longish run this morning, I came up with my Summer Plan for running. If I have it on paper (or on my blog), I'll be more likely to follow it.

1. I will run a minimum of three times a week, cross-train once or twice, and lift weights once or twice.
2. I will run a minimum of 10 miles per week.
3. I will do a tempo run, intervals, and a medium/long run of 5.5 to 8 miles per week.
4. I will focus on getting faster for short/medium distances.

I'm hoping maintaining a base of 8 miles will make the half-marathon training starting in August go smoothly and easily.

I plan to do the Music City Half-Marathon on October 2 in Nashville.
I'm open to doing the Rocket Man Marathon mid-December in Huntsville, Alabama. We shall see if I come to my senses before then.

I had a great 5.5 miler this morning. It was perfect weather--- 55-60 degrees, light breeze, blue skies. I listened to my A-list on my MP-3. No aches or pains and only the first 1/2 mile was rough (usually it's the first one or two miles). I wasn't in any rush, but I maintained a respectable pace (for me). I like those kinds of runs.