Recovery and a Race!

Ouch. Running bleachers makes your calves hurt like never before for approximately three days. (This is day 3.) But, it's almost a good feeling when a muscle aches because you know you are building it. (Right?)

Yesterday, I did my long run of 5 miles for the week, even though Saturday is usually my long run day (more about that later). It was around 80 degrees, but a hot 80. Some 80-degree days are bearable, some are less so. I checked the kids in at the Y nursery and took off. At the two-mile mark, I knew 5 miles outside were not happening. I was almost out of my 20 ounces of fluid in my fuel belt and felt like I was melting! I made it 3.11 miles and took a walk break of a minute or two. Getting started again after that break was tough. I made it another .1 or.2 and called it quits. Unfortunately, I was still a mile from my starting point and I had to walk back. But this was no "walk of shame," the heat and lack of fluid combined made it the smart thing to do.

I hopped on a treadmill when I got back and resumed running. THAT was a new one--- starting running after a 12-15 minute break/one-mile walk. I ended with two decent miles at a faster pace than the 3 I had run outside. So, I got in my five-mile run---one way or another.

The reason I'm not able to do the long run this Saturday is because of the Russellville Romp 5K. I'm from a small town in Kentucky, and Russellville is only about 15 minutes from my hometown. I went to high school there. For something like twenty-two years, the Parks and Rec there has had this 5K race (and I never even HEARD of it! But when you're not a runner, these things escape you.).

I haven't done a 5K since December, and that one was in a little over 31 minutes. In training runs, I've gotten them down to below 30 minutes (on a good day) and even once in 28:53 (on a GREAT DAY) in the heart of my half-marathon training. I don't want to disappoint myself and run slower than last time, but I have to factor in the heat and lack of "serious" training I've been doing. I'm hoping for an under-thirty-minutes race (finally!) and maybe an age group award. (It's a really small race! Seventy-seven last year.) But if it rains, I'm skipping it.

I'm excited to race again!


run4mylife said…
thanks so much for the comment!!!

I went to Race for the Cure this year and did the 5k walk. My goal is to start running again and be able to run it next Spring! I know that's far off, but I gotta keep it real this time around. Last time I started running I pushed myself too fast! I know of a 5k that comes around here in the fall... I should look that up. I bet I could get trained by then... I don't know. I have let myself get VERY inactive in the last year.

Good luck in the race! I hope the weather is good for you!