Biggest Racing Day of the Year!

According to, July 4th is the biggest racing day of the entire year, and I'm missing out. I should be in White House, TN, right now, not blogging. But, a cough that moved into my chest a few days ago has me side-lined on this race day. Everything I've read about running when sick says above the neck = fine; below the neck = do NOT run. I was sooo wanting to get back into training mode this week, but what I'm assuming is bronchitis is preventing that.

Tomorrow is a slow, easy 6-8 miler with the Clarksville Running Club to kick off half-marathon training, and I think I'm going to attempt it. If I have to walk more than usual, that's fine. I think I'm going to try to run 1.5-2 miles easy today to see if I explode into a coughing fit. If so, I'll skip/postpone tomorrow's training run. I feel a little better today. The fatigue has lifted slightly. I'm anxious to get back out there!

My next 5K will be in August. Hopefully, my husband and I can finally do one together. (In support of me, he stayed home today, too, missing out on his first 5K.)

I'm off to do day 3 of the push-up challenge. I'm on level 3 (the toughest level), but may need to drop back to level 2. If I could only keep my 26 lb. toddler off my back when I'm doing them, I think I'd have more success!