Hey, Speedwork, I Remember You

I finally got in some quality speedwork today AND tried out my brand spankin' new Asics 2130's (which replaced the balloon-footed Asics Gel Nimbus I tried out last week).

I ran four miles at the YMCA (two on the treadmill and two on the indoor track) in my new sneaks. I'm afraid to run outside because they can't have any marks on them or the store will not take them back. I even carried them into the Y in a bag and changed into them once I was inside, then changed out of them before leaving. They have not touched pavement. And I'm not sure if I love them. They left a red line down the top of my foot where the tongue pressed----maybe they were laced too tightly? Maybe they just need a little breaking in? They felt springy and stable and cushiony---the three things I need. We'll see if the foot thing works out.

Today, I ran at about a 9:35 pace with 6 X 30-second strides at an 8:00 to 8:13 pace with recovery in between. I like 30-second strides because they are still building fast-twitch muscles, but they are over quickly. And they are just kind of fun. I feel like I can do anything for just 30 seconds.

So, it felt like I accomplished a lot in 4 miles. This is my drop-down week, so this Saturday's run will only be 3-6 miles. Nice.


Tina said…
Sometimes speedwork is fun. Good job on the strides!
tamara said…
I am not sure I could ride a bike at a 9:30 pace. I know FOR CERTAIN I cannot run that fast. Sounds like I need to do a little speed work.
Running Knitter said…
I wear the same Asics, and just recently got them, and love them!