Road Trip and More Marathon Thoughts

On Saturday morning, I got up bright and early at 5:00 for a 6:30 a.m. group training run on the other side of town. I have found that I must have time for breakfast, coffee, and to just get my blood flowing if I'm going to have any chance for a good run. We had 7-9 miles on the schedule, but when I got there, a several people were planning on doing a 10-mile loop. What??

I had already run 10 miles for the week, had struggled some with 8 miles in the heat the previous Saturday, so I thought I'd just do 8 again----maybe do it better this time. I ran with new friend and fellow mom Amy and had a good run. Even with Galloway's 4:1 plan, we averaged a 10:55 pace (including walk breaks). We were running pretty fast on the running parts to have a 10:55/mile average pace with basically two minutes of walking every mile.

Another reason NOT to do 10 miles was because the next morning I was taking the kids here and needed "fresh legs":

Holiday World is a wonderful amusement park two states away in Santa Clause, Indiana. It's medium-sized, not crowded, has free drinks and sunscreen all day, and a killer water park. This was really fun, like going round and round a very large drain:

We had a great time and I feel like I walked another 8 miles (at least). We spent nine and a half hours at the park. It was quite a test of my endurance. Good thing I've been upping my mileage lately! Keeping up with my 7 and 5 year olds (the two-year-old stayed home with Daddy) was a test of my patience as well. Taking a road trip with the kids, over 350 miles round trip by myself was a long overdue test of my independence. I'd never done anything like that. We did meet our friends from St. Louis there, so I had another mom to hang with. It was a wonderful trip.

Monday was spent in recovery. All those hours outdoors in 96-degree weather with 90% humidity sucked the life out of me. Today, I need to get back into the Push Up Challenge, and I plan to REPEAT week 3. I completed days one and two only, so instead of getting off-schedule or moving on to week 4, I'll just do week 3 again. Week 3 is NO JOKE. I'm doing push ups in the 70's.

Regarding the marathon, seeing how I felt after 8 miles on Saturday, I honestly don't know if I can be ready by December. I know on Saturday when the group decided to do 10 miles instead of the planned 7-9, I thought, I have no desire to do 10 miles today. I could have done 10 with the 4:1, I just didn't want to. How am I going to feel when I have 18 or 20 on the schedule? Anyway, this is a drop down week, so I'll only have a few short runs. I'll see how I feel about 9 or 10 next week.

The biggest "con" I realized about running the marathon is that it will put me out of most of the local races in the fall. I LOVE to run races. I don't know why I will pay $20 to do a 3.1 mile run when I can do it right outside my door, but I just love the race atmosphere. I love the camaraderie. I love that nervous, excited feeling at the start. I love the way I feel as I cross the finish. I don't want to have to give up one of my two half-marathons in October. I don't want to give up running the R-3 Anniversary 5K again in August---the FIRST race I ever ran. I want to re-do all the races I did last year to see how much I've improved, and I did one a month all last fall! Marathon training will require that I miss most of those.

So, for the moment, I'm leaning toward not doing the Huntsville Marathon.


tamara said…
You could look into the Mercedes Marathon in mid February and still do all your races in the fall. It is just an hour and a half further south, and the course is challenging. Check it out at And you get a beautiful medal!!
Tina said…
Hi Runnermom-
I was going to write that you could probably still run a 5K in August and a half marathon in October and then a marathon in December, but if you don't really, really want to, I wouldn't if I were you. Marathon training is very time consuming! On the other hand, if you really, really wanted to run a marathon, I'd say, "Do it!" but it sounds like you're having fun with the shorter races for now anyway. : )