Tempo in the Heat!

I had a 5 mile run on my schedule today (with three miles tempo). I thought about doing it on the treadmill at the YMCA (since there's childcare there), but the thought of five miles on the treadmill was not appealing. It was around 77 degrees when I got to the Y, so I decided to run outside. (I can't believe they actually let us sign in the kids and go for a run outside as long as we take our cell phones and stay within a 5 mile radius!) Unfortunately, the area where the Y is located isn't really convenient to any good running routes due to busy streets and a lack of sidewalks and/or shoulders on the road.

I always feel better running around in busy traffic areas with a friend. I feel like two are certainly more visible than one. But, today I had no friend. :-(

I'm also a weenie when it comes to crossing the busy, five-lane highway to get to the really good running areas. So, I'm limited to the side of the road where the Y is. This route takes me past a busy McDonald's where hungry, in-a-hurry people are whipping in to hit the drive through and pulling out with one hand on the wheel and a McMuffin in the other. It's treacherous. They aren't looking out for runners.

So, today I went the other direction and ran on a different busy road filled with doctor's offices, a dialysis center, beauty shops, a couple of houses, etc. I basically ran through their parking lots, people's yards, and any grassy areas to avoid becoming roadkill since it was a narrow 3 lane road with no shoulder. I need to do some trail running because my off-road time going through the grass really wore me out!

Anyway, the humidity was crazy-high, and I warmed up for one mile, managed my 3 miles at a 9:55 (average) tempo pace, then went back to the indoor track at the Y for that last cool-down mile. I might as well be cool while I'm cooling down. I felt strange (heat stroke?) for quite a while after this run. I probably needed more electrolytes. I feel like I ran 8 or 9 instead of only 5.

So, I got it done, but it was tough out there today.


Steve Stenzel said…
Take care in the heat! Nice job getting the run in!