Ch-Ch-Changes... (turn and face the strain)... Ch-Ch-Changes

It's always good to start a post with David Bowie lyrics. :-)

More changes seem to be on the way for our family. For 8 years, one certain baby crib has held a prominent place in this household. It was lovingly picked out when I was only about 5 or 6 months pregnant with baby number one, put carefully together, and placed in our new baby's nursery. That was a long time ago. The crib has housed (read: survived) three children. In the next few days, it will be permanently laid to rest.

Yesterday, my sweet little two-year-old decided she wanted to sleep in her sister Annabeth's twin bed during nap time, "Julia sweep in Annabef's big girl bed?" (And just last week, she had decided to no longer sit in her high chair, she wanted to sit in a regular chair like everyone else.)

I decided to let her try it, and she did great. She heeded my warning of "DO NOT get up," and had a great two-hour snooze.

I've actually been through this before. When Annabeth was 2 and a half, she, too, gave up the crib. It was retired to the attic, albeit temporarily. Luckily, I had the foresight to hang on to it just in case. Just in case happened about three months later. But this time, there will be no just in case. My just-in-case days are over! My family and my heart are complete.

One starting kindergarten, one leaving behind the vestiges of babyhood--- these past few weeks sure have been full of ch-ch-changes. I guess I'll adapt. Eventually.......

Slow down, Little One! You're the last baby!


Jules said…
Why do you keep making me tear up!!! lol So sweet. we have kept all the stuff too...stoller crib, highchair, even though we are KNOWING we won't have anymore kids...I did let a friend borrow the crib though...but I still know it will come back to me when she is done. Just can't sell the stuff yet...sentimental reasons I guess.
tamara said…
Awww. It is so hard to be done even when you know you are done. I called it quits after two kids, and I still wish I had the patience and energy for one more. Why do they grow up so fast??
Those moments are so bittersweet, aren't they? I'm quite traumatized because my oldest "baby" is starting high school next week and my youngest will start middle school. No more kids in primary school ... sigh.

Hug that darling two-year old!