Dark O'Clock

Here I am up at dark o'clock on yet another Saturday. Planning to do 8-10. I'd really like to do 10 better than last week, but tonight is my 20-year high school reunion (yes, I AM old). I've got my dancin' shoes laid out and I want to be able to use them! So, 8 sounds a littler better.

It's 70 degrees with 100% humidity according to weather.com. I'm headed to my favorite trail by the river, so maybe it won't be too bad. I'm hoping to remember the bug spray this time.

I ran hard two days in a row and my legs have struggled the rest of the week. Yesterday I only did 1.5 of my easy 2 miles. Next week is a drop down week and I think my body is ready. I'm having sore shins, ankles, and hips. Body, are you trying to tell me something?

I'm sure I'll look lovely on the dance floor tonight after running long this morning! Kind of like Elaine in that episode of Seinfeld......


Lisa said…
Have a great run!

I am sure you'll have a wonderful time at your reunion. My 20 year was several years ago (so you're not THAT old *wini*)

I love that Seinfeld!!
MCM Mama said…
Hope your run and the reunion were awesome! My 20 year reunion is this year as well.

I hit the road at 6:30am to do 20 this morning and it was great for the first two hours, but then got nasty hot and humid. Fun, fun.
I'm imagining might just have been the woman in the best shape at the reunion. How'd it go?