Eat Like a Runner

Do you eat like a runner? I Googled the phrase "eat like a runner" and read several articles. Apparently I do not actually eat like a runner!

I had a sluggish run on Saturday. Could it have to do with more than the triple H (heat, humidity, hills)? Could it have to do with the big N--nutrition?

If "we are what we eat," then the day before my 10-mile run, I was a Chinese buffet. Now I should know better. I LOVE Chinese food, and the all-you-can-eat option combined with my lack of self control is a dangerous combination. I enjoyed sesame chicken, General Tsu's chicken, both deep-friend and covered in high-calorie sauces. I had a couple of crab rangoons and a spring roll, also deep-fried. And lot's more that I won't even go into. (It's making me hungry.) Sure, there were lots of carbs to "carb up" for my run the next morning, but I'm pretty sure all the fat and MSG had a detrimental effect.

Then AFTER my run on Saturday, I stayed off the healthy-eating wagon by refueling with Mexican food for lunch and last, but not least, pizza and hot wings for dinner. Did I mention the ranch dressing? It was lite at least.

Now how can I expect my body to perform the way I want it to when I eat like a 20-year-old college guy? I was doing better for a while, but I pretty much blew it this weekend (and all last week if I'm honest!). Old habits are hard to break. It's what I grew up with, and here in the South, it's just a way of life! (My state is the 3rd most obese state, sadly.)

So, I'll pose a mini-challenge for myself---No fried food for one week. Eat healthier in general. I have to start today (Tuesday) since I had a couple of tortilla chips yesterday and not the baked kind.

I discussed this with my neighbor and she said she'll be my accountability. We had the best "mommy workout" this morning by the way. She's a runner, too, so instead of heading to the Y to do my scheduled 2-miler, I put Julia in the jogger and my neighbor pushed her DOUBLE jogger. It was a short run, so we decided to add some hill repeats at the end (without the strollers--we took turns). Then we did some sit ups and push ups.

Now, I can skip the gym and just enjoy the day at home. Yeah! Tomorrow is 8 miles of speedwork (according to my half-marathon plan) OR 5 miles (if I go by the marathon plan I printed out just for fun/curiosity). I'll probably just compromise somewhere in the middle.