Just Call Me Slacker McHeavy Legs

My legs are rebelling. They are not happy with me or this training regimen.

I ran 10 on Saturday. Sunday--nothing. Monday--No running, but I did some squats. Not many, maybe two sets of 10 or 15? Unfortunately, I don't do them often enough, so I was a bit sore on Tuesday. Tuesday--I did those two miles with the toddler in the stroller and then only 3 hill sprints.

But I woke up today with seriously tired legs. I knew when I rolled out of bed that I didn't have much running in me. I went to the indoor track at the Y (which is 1/16th of a mile) to do speed intervals. I was shooting for 6 miles in all. I walked a couple of warm-up laps. Then my friend Kelle and I ran 6 laps fast, then walked two (or something like that). I mostly yapped and she kept up with the laps. Around the 4-mile point, I was so done. My legs felt like they were made of lead. I've read that when they are flooded with lactic acid, that happens. Maybe that was it. I dragged myself to the treadmill to attempt to finish the last two miles and I made it maybe one, but that was with lots of walking. My shoes were scraping on the belt as I "ran."

Note to self: the day after hill sprints, don't attempt speedwork.

I picked up Julia from the nursery and thought I might feel better if we ate lunch out somewhere. Keeping "eating like a runner" in mind, I picked Subway, and we shared a turkey on whole wheat. Oh, and some sweet tea. (Sweet tea makes everything better if you are from the South.) Overall, it was a fairly healthy choice for me.

Afterwards, we made it to the door of the grocery store, but I could not drag myself in. My legs were STILL made of lead and I just didn't have the energy to push a two-year-old in a cart all over a huge grocery store. So we went home. I put my legs up and my quads and shins and feet just ached. I must have pushed too hard this week (with only about 6 miles to show for it). I believe I need a day off tomorrow!

Random food-related item: Last night, my husband was in charge of dinner and he chose New York Pizza Depot---the BEST pizza in Clarksville, TN, by far. It's really thin, slightly greasy (but not fried!) He got me a slice of cheese in honor of me trying to eat better. And you know what? I didn't even miss those pesky pepperoni! I think if you are in a striving-to-be-healthy period and want pizza, thin crust cheese pizza isn't the WORST way to go.


Tina said…
Your work-out yesterday doesn't sound like it was much fun - except for the talking and running with a friend. I think it's good that you stopped when you did, rather than push through the planned 6 miles - you don't want to get injured from pushing too hard. You're right about spreading out the hills and speedwork - that should help. I hope you aren't sore today and that your next run can be a nice easy run. : )